What is OpenCV?

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OpenCV is an open source computer vision library developed by Intel. It consists of functions like below.

  • Object Identification
  • Segmentation and Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Motion Tracking
  • Ego Motion
  • Motion Understanding
  • Structure From Motion (SFM)
  • Highlevel GUI

Refer to here for an outline.

Application example

OpenCV was used as a vision system of a robot vehicle in DARPA Grand Challenge Race. The following photograph is the robot vehicle "Stanley" of Stanford University which won the victory. A technical report is here.


Sample program on PS3Linux

It is the example which executed the sample program attached to OpenCV on PS3Linux. The following figure is an example of the face detection program(facedetect) and the feature trace program(lkdemo).

facedetect lkdemo

The following is an example of image processing to a still picture. In the image segmentation program (watershed), the picture is divided focusing on the range chosen with the mouse. In the square detection program (square), the rectangle in a picture is detected.

Icon arrow.gif


By using an OpenCV library, such applications can be implemented by a little coding also including a GUI. In the case of these sample programs, the number of source code lines is as follows.

Filename Number of lines
facedetect.c 182
lkdemo.c 195
watershed.cpp 147
square.c 224